Welcome to Ascension Catalysts

Unity Consciousness Ascension Community

Community Mission:

Ascension Catalysts community connects Starseeds and all who are awake and ascending to expand our consciousness and embody our masteries.

We identify our missions to be of high service as we create soul-aligned lives we love! 

Our community connects deeply, co-creating as expansion catalysts in impactful ways while manifesting New Earth in unity.

Join Us To Receive And Experience:


We gather to create New Earth as individuals and a collective with clear intentions and focus. In our Premium community, you will receive:

  • Home: Soul-Star Family Connection 
  • Path Of Ascension Program
  • Ascension Resources
  • Events with Bridget
  • Events with AC Mods
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Community Event Sharing
  • Ascension Experiences & Guidance
  • Starseed Messages & Mentoring
  • Channeling & Communication Guidance
  • Experiencer & Contact Support
  • Near Death Experiencer Support
  • Dreamtime, Astral & Consciousness Travel
  • Akashic Records Messages & Mentoring
  • Angelic Messages & Mentoring (Coming 

Learn more:

Soul-Star Family: Connect deeply with like-hearted beings whose focus is on awakening and expanding our consciousness as we enjoy life and embody our many flavors of masteries, purposes, and missions.

Join us as we support and uplift each other in harmony while we co-create soul-aligned lives through being of high service.

Path Of Ascension: 48 Keys To Guide Your Spiritual Journey program: Join our interactive online program designed to offer you 6 Ascension Goals and 48 Ascension Keys, releasing weekly and bi-weekly.

This expansive program includes the ascension teachings and remembrances Bridget Renee Holliday has learned throughout her life of communicating with her High Self and Soul Team Collective as she accesses her high knowingness.

Through the Path Of Ascension: 48 Keys To Guide Your Spiritual Journey program, you will receive the exact lessons and information that allows Bridget to be an expansive and impactful international Starseed Mentor, Clear Channel, and Ascension Mentor in high service to thousands of Soul-Star Family members as she assists them to awaken, expand, remember who they are and why they've incarnated on Earth.

In short, you will receive a step-by-step ascension map to open, awaken, and expand your consciousness to the degree of expansion that you choose.

Path Of Ascension program began September of 2023. All released Ascension Goals and Ascension Keys and their events are available to begin now. (Select the Premium plan.)

Path Of Ascension: 48 Keys will remain available through Premium Membership until the program completes in 2024. Then, it will be sold additionally as a course or series of courses. Become a member now and join the program to receive access at such an abundant monthly or annual subscription price.

Ascension Resources: Channeled messages, meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, sound healing, energy healing, energy activations and upgrades, light language, expansion activities, and so much more to support your ascension journey.

All Ascension Resources are designed to support the Path Of Ascension: 48 Keys To Guide Your Spiritual Journey program but are deeply impactful on their own. (Both Premium and Basic plans have access to Ascension Resources.)

Events with Bridget: Basic and Premium members will enjoy many live events with Bridget and the AC Mods as we connect and build Ascension Catalysts community.

Premium members will receive live, monthly events to connect with Bridget and our beautiful Soul-Star Family regarding the current focal points of the Path Of Ascension: 48 Keys To Guide Your Spiritual Journey program as well as additional live events to connect, meditate together, and discuss our Ascension and Starseed journeys. Some events are audio only, while others are video —all events are between 1-2 hours. (Select the Premium plan.) 

Collaboration Opportunities: Connect with Soul-Star family whose soul-service missions and divine inspirations align with yours. Find one another through this space in the community by sharing the type of event you desire to create and the types of services and specializations you are seeking to add to your event - then co-create with them out in the world in service of the collective! (Select the Premium plan.) 

Community Event Sharing: A space to share the online and in-person events you're creating to uplift and support the collective. Offering our Soul-Star Family the opportunity to receive and support you as well as uplift and support themselves as they become magnetic and expansive through their 5D reciprocity frequencies. Everyone thrives! (Select the Premium plan.) 

Ascension Experiences & Guidance: Space to share your ascension questions and experiences and receive support and guidance from Bridget and our wise Soul-Star Family. A space to uplift our Fam and assist with awakening and consciousness expansion! (Select the Premium plan.) 

Starseed Messages & Mentoring: Space to share all things Starseed-related, such as questions, experiences, visions and downloads, synchronistic alignments, as well as channeled guidance. Receive support and mentoring from Bridget and our wise Soul-Star Family. (Select the Premium plan.) 

Channeling & Communication Guidance: Space to share channeled messages and experiences. Receive support, tips, guidance, and mentoring from Bridget and our deeply tuned-in Soul-Star Family. (Select the Premium plan.) 

Experiencer & Contact Support: Safe space to share your experiences with interdimensional, extra-dimensional, ultra-dimensional, extraterrestrials, and other multidimensional beings. Receive affirmation, validation, support, assistance, clarity, and guidance from others in our Soul-Star Family who understand what you're experiencing. (Select the Premium plan.) 

Near Death Experiencer Support: Safe space to share your NDE's and receive support, upliftment, validation, and guidance as desired and requested from our amazing Soul-Star Family who understand what you've experienced and can relate. (Select the Premium plan.) 

Dreamtime, Astral & Consciousness Travel: Share dreamtime experiences, astral and consciousness traveling journeys with like-hearted Soul-Star Fam. Receive synchronistic alignments, affirmation, validation, support, tips, and guidance as desired and requested. (Select the Premium plan.)

Akashic Records Messages & Mentoring: Share messages and experiences with Akashic Records with Soul-Star Fam within the community. Receive mentoring from Soul-Star Fam who are already adept at tuning in to receive messages and guidance, as desired. (Select the Premium plan.)

Angelic Messages & Mentoring: Coming Soon for the Premium plan!

The Basic plan offers connection with the Ascension Catalysts Family through our Home space. It offers a global community chat, feed, and any events which are specifically scheduled in the Home space. Basic plan members also receive access to the supplemental Ascension Resources for the Path Of Ascension program. (POA program itself is only available for Premium members.) Community Collaborations and Community Event Sharing are also included in the Basic plan for the first 50 Basic Plan members.

Are you ready to join a community of like-hearted, soul-aligned people? 

Are you feeling the call to be of service in the world?

Are you seeking clarity, guidance, and to be supported in ways that are uplifting and done as equals?

We're right here and we’re ready to connect with you!

Grateful For You!

We are deeply grateful and excited for you to join our Ascension Catalysts community.

Thank you for be-ing in alignment with unity consciousness, unconditional love, and for choosing to open, awaken, and expand your consciousness to uplift and support yourself and be of high service to the collective. 

We appreciate you and welcome you to the reconnection of our Soul-Star Family! Let’s co-create and emanate our codes, keys, and frequencies as the true Ascension Catalysts that we are all here to be.